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Finally a Solution that Empowers You to Improve Elevator Operations

One Stop Elevator, Escalator, and Lift Management Solutions to Resolve All Your Elevator Needs

Maintenance Tracking Software
"What's going on with my elevator?"

Use the app to help you understand the service your elevators and escalators are receiving plus compliance dates and data to make informed repair decisions.

Proposal & Invoice Review Service
"Are these numbers correct?"

Let us review your proposals and invoices to help you avoid unnecessary expenditures and add the right terms and clauses for your business.

Maintenance Service Agreement
"I need a new maintenance agreement"

Take control of your costs with an elevator maintenance service agreement that contains terms and condition targeted to your building requirements.

Elevator Inspection Management
"How do I prepare to pass inspections?"

A good compliance readiness process is the key to passing inspection. Let us help you plan so you can easily pass.

Ask an Expert
"I have elevator questions"

Have a question? Our industry experts can provide the answers you need to make informed, thoughtful decisions.

Elevator Modernization
"We need to modernize. Help!"

Let us help you unravel this complex process in the most efficient and cost effective way.

One Stop for all your Elevator Needs

Are you tired of being in the dark about your building’s elevator maintenance? Frustrated with unexpected costs, compliance issues, and service provider issues? You’re not alone. Managing elevators can be a complex, opaque process that leaves you with many uncertainties.

Imagine missed maintenance leading to failed inspections, or being blindsided by unnecessary repairs and out of control costs. The lack of transparency and control can be costly and stressful! Which impacts the building’s efficiency, funds, and safety.

ElevatorApp is here to change that narrative. Our comprehensive platform provides the tools to take control. It provides the information needed to take charge of your elevator management, ensuring compliance, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency.

Get Measurable Results from the ElevatorApp

How we can help?

ElevatorApp is the go-to solution for a diverse range of professionals – from small building owners to large commercial property managers. A sample includes hospitals, retail centers, hotels, real estate portfolios, campuses, malls, office buildings, facilities, and condominium associations. Our platform is designed to address varying levels of elevator needs, ensuring that whether you’re a seasoned building engineer, building owner, facility manager, property manager, director of operations, or portfolio manager, ElevatorApp has you covered.

Navigating the complex process of elevator management can be challenging and time consuming for building owners and managers. ElevatorApp offers a suite of services designed to streamline this process, ensuring elevators are not only efficient but also safe and compliant.

ElevatorApp: A Paradigm of Proactive Management: ElevatorApp’s Maintenance Software stands out with its comprehensive, real-time maintenance tracking capabilities, complete with automated alerts and compliance monitoring. The result is proactive management of maintenance schedules and compliance requirements – all while saving the building management team time. Building personnel can rest easy knowing that elevator, escalator, and lift information is all in one place and right at their fingertips. The benefits include maintenance consistency, significant reduction in the risk of costly downtime, unneccessary repair cost, compliance headaches, complaints, and most importantly, ensuring safety. 

Elevator Maintenance Agreements: Tailored for Your Needs Each building is unique, which is why ElevatorApp offers Elevator Maintenance Agreements tailored to your needs. These contracts are crafted to align with each building’s specific needs and industry best practices. The advantage of these clear, understandable contracts is that they are designed to protect the interests of the building owners. The ElevatorApp maintenance  agreements help avoid unnecessary costs and disputes, ensuring fair, transparent arrangements that protect the building’s bottom line and reputation.

Elevator Proposal and Invoice Reviews: Ensuring Accuracy and Necessity ElevatorApp’s features extend to the expert analysis of elevator service proposals and invoices. A professional review ensures accuracy and optimizes financial resources. The results is that building managers only pay for what is essential and contractually covered. Take back control and make confident, informed decisions that help the bottom line.

Ask the Expert: Personalized, Professional Advice ElevatorApp offers direct access to experienced professionals through its “Ask the Expert” service. This feature provides personalized consultations, which include tailored advice and solutions that address your specific elevator concerns. The benefit is enhanced understanding and informed elevator management, leading to better decision-making, operational efficiency, and increased tenant satisfaction.

ElevatorApp’s suite of services represents a comprehensive approach to modern elevator management. From maintenance tracking to customized contracts, and from proposal reviews to expert consultations. ElevatorApp equips building managers with the tools needed to accomplish efficient, safe, and compliant elevator operations.

Try ElevatorApp’s services now and discover how they can enhance the efficiency and safety of your building’s elevators!

Our Clients Are Calling It Amazing

ElevatorApp’s commitment to transforming elevator management is unwavering. Join the community of forward-thinking building managers who are ready to embrace innovation in elevator management. It is a gamechanger that puts the building in control.