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Elevator and Escalator Management Using Our Cutting-Edge Software

Unlock the ElevatorApp Potential for ANY Industry

Informed and proactive elevator management and maintenance is the key to your building’s financial stability and safety – no matter what industry you’re in. 

ElevatorApp is perfect for:

  • Commercial Buildings – Smoothly running elevators are more than just transportation, they are integral to the daily flow of people and goods.
  • Mixed Use Centers – We can handle multiple elevator banks separately servicing commercial, retail, and residential users.
  • Retail – We provide national coverage with localized service. For national retailers with multiple properties across the country, managing elevator operations efficiently is key to ensuring a satisfying customer experience.
  • Hospitality Industry – Hotels and hospitality venues often have several plates spinning at one time, and  elevator management should not be one of them.
  • Hospitals – Elevators are a vital necessity for hospitals and medical office buildings, which means they require proactive maintenance with no service interruptions.
  • Campuses – Get all students and faculty to class on time with efficient elevator management.
  • Real Estate Investors – Investors rely on others to ensure their properties are running smoothly and efficiently. Elevators are a critical piece and we can help.
  • Condominiums – Many groups are often involved with elevator management and our software can help each do their part. Elevators are a crucial part of daily live and breakdowns greatly impact resident satisfaction.
  • Corporate Facilities – Busy employees rely on elevators and escalators to keep their business moving.
  • Malls – Shoppers can focus on shopping when the elevators and escalators working perfectly with no service interruptions


As you can see, any property with an elevator or escalator can benefit from ElevatorApp’s cutting edge software technology. 

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